Jim Roger’s gorgeous Gibson guitar

The Bright Expression are a Christian band from Hampshire in the UK.  According to their Facebook page they have “an ethereal mix of atmospheric soundscapes with modern overtones and influences“.

What inspired me about these guys is that they are a bunch of “ordinary folk” who decided to go and do something extraordinary – they stepped out in faith and took off from the UK to go to Bethel in California, with kids in tow, to record an album with one of the best Christian music producers, in one of the best studios, and just made it happen.  They raised funds, put in the work and produced their exceptional debut album, Bone By Bone.  When it launched earlier this year (March  2105), it went to number 18 in the iTunes Christian Music charts.

The title track, Bone By Bone, is hauntingly beautiful.  Leigh Patching and Jim Rogers voices are a wonderful blend and the track builds gently, but always with a sense of direction and progression.   It sits in perfect harmony with the drama of the Nordic landscape photography of Elizabeth Halford. (See

Jim Rogers, The Bright Expression
Jim Rogers, The Bright Expression

You can check out The Bright Expression on Facebook by clicking here.