This is one of the places to be if you favour a modern Christian music style.  I’ve been worship leader and guitarist for many years now and have been inspired to see how the Christian music scene is maturing and becoming more mainstream.

The quality of music from the likes of Jesus Culture, Hillsong and Bethel is changing the way that the Church is seen in present day culture.  The Church is increasingly challenged to find ways to be seen to be contemporary, relevant and authentically appealing.  I realise that this is not the purpose of the Church, but we do need to get the world’s attention if our voice is going to be heard.

So let’s celebrate our amazing musical heritage – the hymns of the past masters, such as Charles Wesley, who were inspired and moved to be the radical new writers of their day; but let’s also celebrate that God continues to inspire and speak to those whom he has gifted (and gifted to us) in the present age.

Jim Rogers, The Bright Expression
Jim Rogers, The Bright Expression

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