Improving Post-processing skills

Sometimes it is worth going back to photos you took years ago to see how you might process them now. In May 2017 I took a series of night sky shots at Durdle Door – they came out pretty well. Recently I have been playing around with Starry Landscape Stacker and blending foregrounds to reduce noise.

I did that recently with some photos at Dartmoor National Park. I wanted to see how the Durdle Door shots might respond to this treatment. I’ve got to say that I’m just stunned at the results… Hope you like.


I made fresh edits in Lightroom and then exported ten foreground shots to Photos, concerted them to a smart object and then used the “mean sick mode” to bring back cool and get rid of a ton of noise from the foreground.

I exported my original Lightroom edits to Starry Landscape Stacker and used that to detect the sky and work out what were real stars versus sensor noise. It cleaned them up a treat. It was a lot of work, but I’m very pleased with the results.

You can see the YouTube video for Dartmoor at:



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