Nikon D800 – Megapixel Monster

For those of you interested in photography, you might like to check out my latest YouTube photography video blog on the DSLR Life channel.  You can find it here:

In this blog I explain a little about why the D800 is still an amazing camera to buy second hand, why I chose it and introduce the main control features.

The “featured image” on this page is one of y favourite “event” shots with the D800 – it shows off its brilliant low-light performance and was taken at the Greenbelt Festival in 2013.  The shot was taken hand-held at an ISO of 6400 1/125 sec and f/5.6.

The colours are rich and true, and the “dynamic range” of the camera is really put to the test from deep shadow to bright stage lighting.

A friend’s child had made the four-point windmill – I was stood between them and the stage and suddenly realised that it would make a great shot with the stage lighting glowing through its translucent material.  So I walked behind and grabbed this shot.

It demonstrates for me that, even with the best camera kit, you need to get yourself into the right place at the right time, and to constantly be thinking about what would make an interesting or powerful picture.

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