Day 30 – Netley – Spend and be spent

When Wesley died in 1791 it is said, according to one account that, “His chaise and horses, his clothes and a few trifles of that kind, were all, his books excepted, that he left at his death.”  That may well be all that was physically left, but his legacy was 300 itinerant preachers, 1,000 local preachers and 80,000 members of Methodist societies.

That would have been enough for any one man, but far more was still to come.

This is the final Netley Blog. “Day 30” represents the last of the reflections from “Light The Fire Again”.  It has been eye-opening for me to spend so much time dwelling on the life of John Wesley, Charles Wesley and George Whitfield.

I want to leave the last word to John Wesley – one which also closes the morning reflection of this little book I have been following.  It is a word that has been with me for some three or four years now since first hearing it from Rev Terry Hudson, friend and Superintendent minister in the Southampton Methodist Circuit.  It has guided much of my thinking and my actions and will continue to do so – perhaps it will guide our future at Netley: “The Church has nothing to do but save souls; therefore spend and be spent in this work.”

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