Day 25 – Netley – Almost Perpetual Motion

John Wesley was prolific – in his travels and in his preaching. It is said that he preached  over 40,000 times and that he travelled, according to some estimates, more than 250,000 miles. By any standards, this is an impressive achievement.

Wesley was a driven man – driven by a deep need to tell the Good News and to see people saved for Christ. It cost him a great deal.

We are nearing the end of our “sabbath period” at Netley and coming to a point where we must decide what comes next.  As we do so, we must ask ourselves what it is that drives us. What is it that will inspire and motivate us to make the journey to Netley?  And what cost are we prepared to pay?

When we look back, in a few years time, I can’t help but wonder what we will be thinking about this place.  Will we be saying, “it’s a shame that we didn’t keep it going”, or, “thank goodness that we gave it everything we had”. What kind of a story will we have to tell?

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