Timing is everything

I was sat chatting to a friend at the entrance to this tent, aware that a moment would come very soon when I would have to excuse myself because I knew that a great picture opportunity was coming.  These moments when the light is “just right” don’t last long.

But I wanted the picture to tell a story too – we were at the festival to “be present” and to be good neighbours to those who were visiting it – an opportunity for gentle Christian witness.  So I wanted a picture that told some of that story – I sensed that I had that moment when these three ladies stopped to watch; I positioned myself behind them so that the tent and the sunset could just be seen and with them in the foreground.

Sunset at the Wickham Festival
Sunset at the Wickham Festival

I have a number of shots without them in, where you can see the sunset “better” – but that wasn’t the point of the shot.  This one depicts the story that I was looking to tell.

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