Day 22 – Netley – A New and Living Way

Super-short blog today, due to technical difficulties earlier…

From Wesley’s journal, Friday 15th June 1739:

“I went to a society at Wapping, weary in body and faint in spirit…”

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  Well, not Wapping, but weary in body and spirit?  Especially as church leaders!  Yet, some of my most profound and uplifting experiences in worship have happened when my expectations have been lowest and my need greatest.

Give thanks for a God who knows our every need and goes before us.  There have been so many times that I have “dragged” myself along to a meeting thinking, “I really don’t have the energy for this tonight”.  And somehow, in spite of my demeanour, God has met me in that place and I have found peace and solace.

All He requires is a humble, accessible heart – when we build up relationship with the Lord over many years, He, like a good Father, knows when we need to be fed, comforted and carried.

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