Day 16 – Netley – Renewed Strength

On 5th July I returned to my home church after three weeks absence – this absence due to various preaching appointments and the Methodist Conference.  I was “leading worship”, as opposed to preaching, that morning.  I felt a real joy in my heart at being back.  I remember saying the I “must have my happy head on today!”

There are times when the Spirit fills us with joy, changes our countenance, convicts us, nourishes us and strengthens us.  Jesus promised us this much when He said that He would send us a counsellor and friend who would be with us always.

This morning I read about Wesley’s day on Sunday April 29th 1739 and felt rather inadequate.  I won’t repeat all the text but, in one day, Wesley (who was in the habit of rising at about 4.00 or 5.00 am and swimming in the river) was in Bristol.  During that day he preached no fewer than seven times. In his journal he writes, “O how God has renewed my strength who used ten years ago to be so faint and weary with preaching twice in one day?”

I have no ambitions to match Wesley’s quite supernatural level of “productivity”, but it is a measure of the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and the fulfilment , in his life, of Jesus’ promise.  Wesley was given a great work to do and, when he surrendered himself to God’s will, God totally showed up and joined the party!

When we look at the “work” to be done at Netley, and consider the task that God sets before us, we need to understand that when we align our will and His, extraordinary resources come to be at our disposal.  We must trust in Him and know that as we do His will, so too will He provide.

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