Day 14 – Netley – Human Life: A dream

Today’s writing reflects a sermon of John Wesley on the nature of human life – it is transitory… one day we will awaken from it, as if from a dream, into eternal life in the presence of God.

Wesley doesn’t pull his punches… “perhaps this night your soul may be required of you.”  Wesley felt in his core the need to preach the Good News to as many people as possible so that they could hear about Jesus, know Him as their personal saviour and so be justified by faith.

This is something that evangelists of every description share at some level: a longing for others to come to know Christ; to know His grace and mercy; to see lives transformed in a way that only God can do.

If I have a regret about Netley it is that we have not seen this as part of our daily reality.

I understand the need for Prayer – in fact I preached about it this morning; about expecting more when we pray; about knowing a God who will provide and who, when our prayers and His will are in alignment, can and does do amazing things.  But I also know that we are not called to keep the Gospel story to ourselves.  I hunger for the joy of seeing lives changed and people encountering God.

If prayer is the oxygen of faith then the Good News is the bread of life and the living water for which the world thirsts.

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