The Bridge

I got up at 3.40 am (yes, I am that crazy) to go and take a picture of a bridge!  There’s something about this location that I found challenging – crying out to say, “come and make me look beautiful if you can”!

The thing is, it’s not exactly a charming spot – I parked in a rather grim car park, was heckled by a drunk woman and she walked across the bridge, looked out across water that was full of floating debris and surrounded by the everyday dirt, grime and weary industrial mess of urban life.

But, even in these surroundings, the sun still comes up! Dawn arrives… the colours change… nature reminds us every day that we are just temporary visitors here, and, long after we have gone, the sun will continue to rise.

In my next blog I shall take some time, for those of you who may be interested, to explain how I went about getting this shot and the post-processing involved.

Itchen Bridge, Southampton
Itchen Bridge, Southampton

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